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Please note the change to the previously advertised sale date…

We have moved the sale date forward from the previously advertised date of 31st October to allow more time for delivery of the cows & calves to their new homes, ahead of rebreeding.

Over 200 live Lots will be offered for sale on October 19th this year. It will be the first Stud female sale at Millah Murrah for over four years and promises to be a special offering.

The sale will feature the complete dispersal of females aged between 18 & 36 months, with approximate numbers as follows:

  • 60 PTIC Autumn calving M drop heifers

  • 40 PTIC Autumn calving L drop cows

  • 60 Spring calving L drop heifers with calves at foot

  • 40 Spring calving K drop cows with calves at foot

These females are the siblings to the record setting bull sales of 2015 & 2016. They have all their breeding life ahead of them, with 50 years of Millah Murrah maternal background as their foundation. There is no doubt they will nurse, or be carrying pregnancies to, dozens of bulls that would sell at the top end of our sales if retained.

Some mature cows will also be offered, including select donor cows.

With a young family approaching High School age, we have decided to scale back the Stud business for the next few years. Dimity and I look forward to having more involvement in the kids’ school lives. We are blessed to have this option.

This is a genuine herd reduction sale, and while it features sectional dispersals of the herd, Millah Murrah is not dispersing.

Bull Sales will continue apace, with 130 bulls to be catalogued for 2017 and a similar number to present in 2018. We envisage bull sale numbers settling around the 80-100 mark thereafter, for the mid-term.

We have agonized for months over what to put forward for sale.

We want to offer a true “heart of the herd” opportunity, without “shooting ourselves in the foot” in terms of the quality of the future Millah Murrah herd. To this end, Millah Murrah will retain the:

  • 2017 Autumn N drop heifer weaners

  • 2016 Spring M drop heifer yearlings

  • Most of the cows aged 3.5 years and older

  • All recipients and ET calves

Just as the sale offering allows buyers the opportunity to delve right into the heart of our programme, equally we feel we’ll be left well equipped for the future, with access to the older, arguably less fashionable genetics, as well as the front row of the program via the unjoined heifers.

Of interest, in 2003, as part of family succession, Millah Murrah dispersed all but 70 heifer weaners. Rebuilding from that base, by 2011, with a lot of dedication and sound research, we had set a new record average for Angus bull sales in Australia.

We believe, with similar dedication and sound judgement, the cows coming forward on October 19th offer buyers the same opportunities we had in 2003.


Due to the female sale, embryo sales will go on hold until further notice.

Results of our most recent Stud Female Sale April 24th 2013

100% clearance was achieved and an all breeds Australian record average price was set, at the Millah Murrah Stud female sale on April 24th.

In summary, 61 cows & calves sold to a top of $28,000 to average $8943, while 51 dry cows sold to $24,000 to average $6784.

The combined average of the 112 Lots was $7960.

Watch the sale video for highlights and read The Land report available here.


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