2008 Bull Sale Report

Millah Murrah’s to $12,000 Twice

By Adam Vidler (Courtesy The Land Thursday September 11, 2008 page 51)

A top price of $12,000 was reached at the Millah Murrah on-property bull sale last Thursday.

The total clearance of the 53 bulls offered from Ross and Dimity Thompson’s stud was a good indication of the great sale results, while the average of $5897 was a sign of the keen competition on the day.

Two bulls, sons of Millah Murrah Woody W100, both sold to the top price of $12,000.

The 820-kilogram Millah Murrah Woody C26 went to new buyer, Stephen Gill, Kamilaroi Angus, Merriwa.

Mr Gill said although his operation’s demand for working bulls was minimal – averaging about four a year – he would certainly return next year if he needed another one.

“We’ve wanted to come here for a while,” he said.

“I felt Woody C26 had the best length and style of what was a very good offering.”

The bull had estimated breeding values (EBVs) of +4.4 for birthweight, +38 for 200-day weight, +73 400-day for weight and +86 for 600-day weight, as well as scrotal circumference of 46 centimetres.

Millah Murrah B121 was the other top-priced bull, selling to repeat buyer, Clair Paradice, Scone Pastoral Company, Scone.

Weighing 872kg, the bull had EBVs of +7.5 for birthweight, +43 for 200-day weight, +76 for 400-day weight and +93 for 600-day weight, and a scrotal circumference of 46cm.

Two bulls also sold for the second-top price of $11,500.

New buyer, Geoff McInnes, Innesdale Angus stud, came all the way from Heyfield in Victoria to purchase the 766kg Millah Murrah Woody C38, while repeat Crookwell buyers, Peter and Simon Emery, bought the 826kg Millah Murrah B151.

In all, 22 sons of Woody W100 sold for an average of $6841, while 11 sons of Bon View New Design 1407 averaged $6636.

Only 14 of the bulls were two-year-olds, with 10 yearlings and 30 18-month-old bulls also offered.

Stud principal, Ross Thompson, said he was delighted with the continued strong response to the young bulls.

He said the sale was the stud’s second-best in its history, and its best since 2001.

“The 80/20 break-up of repeat and new buyers was an ideal mix looking to the future,” Mr Thompson said.

“People are really chasing the robust type we are producing and for which Woody W100 has become renowned.”

Looking to 2009, Mr Thompson said depending on season and industry demand, Millah Murrah would increase numbers to 70 for the bull sale, as well as conducting its first registered female sale since 2003.

Volume buyers were repeat clients, Rob Cropper, Willow Tree, with six bulls averaging $4583 and Ed Simpson, Sutton Forest, accompanied by his property manager, Brian Martin, with three Woody W100 sons averaging $7500.

Mike Gilder, Merriwa, who has been buying Millah Murrah bulls for 20 years, picked up three bulls to average $5833.

In all, a total of six bulls found new homes with other Angus stud operations.

The sale was conducted by Elders Bathurst.