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Our core priority since 1969 is to enhance the key profit driver that is our cow herd, full of moderate framed breeders with short anoestrus and the ability to produce under all conditions.

Mating decisions are always made with a vision of the female progeny uppermost in mind, rather than specifically setting out to breed bulls.

We are mindful of the requirements of downstream participants in the industry. To this end we continually try to optimize growth and carcass traits, but change is made in modest increments, rather than quantum leaps.

Objective measurement as provided by Breedplan is a key tool in our genetic management. We aim to balance the suite of objectively measured traits across the herd, in many cases with fairly wide ranging parameters of acceptability for individual traits.

The bulls we send out into the commercial industry come from this female focused breeding rationale. They carry good growth and carcass merit and industry leading female producing genetics.

Please take a look at the video below for more about Millah Murrah breeding principles.