Navigator N312

Navigator was the lead off yearling at the 2018 Millah Murrah sale and 1st son of Aviator to sell in Australia. He fetched $18,000 to Sheron Angus in WA. Video taken at 14 months of age is available here.

Only 33 straws of semen from his sire, Musgrave Aviator made it to Australian shores. He was mated with the prodigious production cow, Flower G41, to produce Navigator N312. The result is the best Aviator son available in Australia, based on overall EBV merit.

Phenotypic comparison to the two high use US bred Aviator sons, Mediator and Apache, is also very favourable for Navigator. He is by far the strongest headed bull of the three.

Navigator had the highest raw IMF scan ever recorded for a yearling bull at Millah Murrah. His 6.8% IMF scan at 10 months of age was 0.6 ahead of the next best among his contemporary group of 24. He also recorded a phenomenal scrotal circumference of 38cm at 10 months – little wonder viable semen was frozen before he had attained 12 months of age!

Given that he is only a yearling, it is too early to make any great claims about the progeny Navigator will deliver. But based on pedigree background, objective performance measurement and individual phenotype, Navigator strikes as the “most likely” option for those wishing to pursue the Aviator line.

Navigator N312
Millah Murrah Navigator at 10 months of age


ABOVE (final image): EBV performance comparison of Millah Murrah Navigator N312, Musgrave Apache and Musgrave Mediator.

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