Quixote Q96

Millah Murrah Quixote Q96 (DOB 8/3/2019)

Quixote is the $60,000 high selling bull from the 2020 Millah Murrah bull sale, where 78 bulls averaged an Angus breed record of $20,384. His two ET brothers sold the same day at $40,000 & $26,000, giving the trio a $42,000 average. (Pictured sale day, September 3rd, just shy of 18 months)

Quixote presents an outstanding new bloodline with widespread commercial and seedstock appeal.

From the maternal angle Quixote is unsurpassed in the breed worldwide. Displaying awesome physical dimension & carcase composition, Quixote is generating a lot of interest locally and overseas.

Quixote Q96
Quixote Q96

Quixote’s dam, Brenda N8 is the first calf of Brenda L73 who fetched $30,000 in 2017 and is the maternal sister of Loch Up L133, the $85,000 high selling bull of the breed in 2016. They all descend from the legendary Millah Murrah matriarch Brenda Y33.

Adding to N8’s deep maternal credentials is her sire Klooney K42, backed by the stunning Prue H4. Klooney fetched $80,000 at the 2015 Millah Murrah sale & is well established as a cow making legend of the breed. 14 bulls from Klooney daughters averaged a staggering $26,857 at the 2020 Millah Murrah sale.

On the top side of the Q96 pedigree is Chisum 255, without doubt one of the best phenotype US bulls ever to come to these shores.

Quixote is an impressive bull to inspect, possessing a strong head, excellent feet, full flank, with meat right along the top line. He is an utter gentleman to handle. Quixote was a clear 1st among his contemporary group for average daily gain, weighing a stunning 836kg aged 17 months – 100% grass raised, with a frame score of 6 and a whopping 45cm scrotal circumference.

Quixote Q96 front feet
Quixote Q96 rear feet

Genotypically Quixote carries a tremendous set of EBV’s, epitomizing the all-round balance required of the Angus breed in today’s industry. He has good calving ease predictions, combined with top 10% growth and moderate mature cow weight. Complementing this, he is in the top 10% for milk & scrotal, top 11% for docility, and carries an ideal, balanced suite of carcase trait estimates.

Quixote EBV's
Quixote EBV's

With outstanding phenotype & structure, useful pedigree diversity, brilliant maternal background and a balanced, easy-to-apply EBV set, Quixote combines all the elements of the truly great Stud sires.

BILL CORNELL phone: 0428 293 498 email: bill.cornell@genusplc.com
FLETCH KELLY phone: O419 383 341 email: fletch.kelly@genusplc.com
ANNIE PUMPA phone: 0458 227 277 email: annie.pumpa@genusplc.com

Phone video of Quixote taken August 31st 2020

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