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Next Bull Sale

Our bull sale is on Thursday September 5th 2024.

Rector R53 (Nectar x Hallmark) and new Spickler Power Point sons, MM Ricky R45 & Milwillah Ramjet R1029 will be well represented. The first sons of New Zealand sire Taimate Roy will come forward and the legendary Paratrooper P15 & his record-breaking sons Rocket Man R38 & Rembrandt R48 will have feature drafts in the sale.

Next Cow Sale

Female sales only occur approximately every five years.

Our last cow sale was on April 20th, 2023, where 170 outstanding breeders were offered for sale. Details of this record breaking sale can be found in the Past Cow Sales section.

2024 reference sire Rector R53

2024 reference sire Ramjet R1029

2024 reference sire Taimate Roy

2024 reference sire Paratrooper P15

2024 reference sire Rembrandt R48

2024 reference sire Rocket Man R38

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