About Millah Murrah

Millah Murrah Angus was founded in 1969 by Wyatt & Winsome Thompson.

Foundation females were purchased at the Wallah dispersal. On farm bull sales commenced in 1988.

In 2003, as part of succession planning, all Millah Murrah registered females older than 12 months were sold. Ross & Dimity Thompson retained 75 heifer weaners, from which they have built the Millah Murrah herd to where it sits today.

Millah Murrah has set a suite of sales records this century. Four times our bulls have raised the individual price record for the breed with Woody W100 at $41,000 in 2003, Kingdom at $150,000 in 2015, Paratrooper at $160,000 in 2019 and Rocket Man at $280,000 in 2021. Each year since 2011 Millah Murrah has achieved the highest averaging Angus bull sale in the nation, raising the breed average bull price record eight times in the process. The benchmark was most recently set at $34,221 for 118 bulls at our 2021 sale, and $43,633 for 128 bulls at our 2022 sale. These results doubled as world records for a bull sale over 100 head of any breed. Millah Murrah set a pair of Australasian industry records at our 2017 female sale where 234 breeding age females sold to average $13,709, topping at $190,000 for Prue M4. At our 2023 female sale, 170 head sold to a top of $140,000 at an Australasian and most like world record average of $29,730.

In 2018 the Walker family of Keringa Angus in South Australia purchased a slice of the Millah Murrah herd as part of a joint breeding agreement aimed at expanding the Millah Murrah genetic footprint. The majority of the spring calving herd now reside in SA, while the Autumn calving herd remains at Bathurst. All breeding decisions are made through live physical evaluation by Ross Thompson with Trent Walker. Male calves are sent to NSW at weaning and marketed from the home base. 400-500 registered calves will be born over the next 12 months.

A key component of our breeding approach is a commitment to live inspection of every sire used in the herd. This necessitates extensive travel, with six trips to the USA, a similar number of visits to NZ and 10’s of thousands of kilometres travel throughout Australia over the past decade, assessing potential introductions to the herd. Mating decisions are made with phenotypic outcome the paramount consideration.

Bull sales are held annually on the first Thursday in September. In 2024, the sale will occur on Thursday 5th of September.

Female sales are held every four to five years, our most recent sale was on April 20th 2023. Read the sale report here.

Embryos are sold by private treaty. Contacts us by email for current availability.