Rembrandt R48

Work of Art.

Rembrandt R48 was front and centre of the “Paratrooper mania” that descended on Millah Murrah’s world record averaging bull sale in September 2021, when 118 bulls sold for $34,221 apiece.

At the fall of the hammer, the $240,000 paid for Rembrandt realised the 2nd highest price for an Angus bull paid in Australia. He was only topped by Rocket Man R38, the ½ brother who passed through the same sale ring five minutes earlier.

Rembrandt is a work of art from any angle.

Quixote Q96

Rembrandt R48, 4th September 2021. Two days after selling. Photo courtesy of Studstock Sales.

Pedigree: The first three sires in Rembrandt’s pedigree were all, in their time, the highest priced bulls of the Australian Angus breed. Each of Emperor, Kingdom and Paratrooper has gone on to establish a gilt-edge reputation across the country. The Kingdom maternal reputation especially, grows apace as his first daughters reach middle-age.
Looking a little further into Rembrandt’s ancestry, it is littered with maternal mega stars of the Antipodean Angus herd. New Zealand legends Hingaia 469, Matauri Reality and Highlander of Stern appear close-up in the pedigree with Te Mania Ulong, Crusader of Stern and former record holder Millah Murrah Woody deeper down the line.
It is a pedigree without peer in the Australian Angus breed.

Physically: Phenotypically and structurally it is hard to see where you would change Rembrandt. He is a prototype for the modern Angus animal, displaying vast dimension, with added length, a top line filled all the way into the chine bone and depth through the flank and down the hams. With soft skin and fine hair, Rembrandt even shows a hint of jump muscle – the mark of the great carcass sires. Structurally he has a balanced and supple gait, combined with leg and foot structure to die for, and perfect design of the reproductive anatomy. Throw in a beautiful disposition, with a true sire’s head and outlook and Rembrandt really does strike as a genetic work of art for the ages.

Objectively: Finally, from the EBV angle, Rembrandt covers every base in terms of balancing the suite of traits demanded of the Angus breed in today’s beef market. In summary terms he sits in the top 10% for 11 of the 14 indexes and the top 20% for the remaining three.

If Angus is the all-rounder of the beef industry, Rembrandt is THE all-rounder of the Angus breed.

Use Rembrandt on anything…Use him on everything.

A genuine all-round blanket mating option, Rembrandt truly is an Angus work of art.

Quixote Q96 front feet

Dam: Abigail N60 at 3 years of age. Photo: Ben Simpson

Quixote Q96 rear feet

Sire: Paratrooper P15 at 18 months

Quixote Q96

Maternal Grand Sire: Kingdom K35 at 18 months.

Quixote Q96 front feet

Front foot August 2021

Quixote Q96 rear feet

Rear foot August 2021

August 2021

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