Lot 61, Flower S47 - $90,000 to New Turee Pty Ltd, Coolah NSW

Lot 98, Flower S121 - $100,000 to Coolie Angus, Merriwa NSW

Lot 75, Flower S61 - $70,000 to Ascot Angus, Warwick QLD

Lot 117, Rado S267 - $80,000 to Northwest Pastoral, NSW

Lot 121, Prue S166 - $70,000 to Coolie Angus, Merriwa NSW

Lot 142, Abigail S242 - $30,000 to Edengate Angus, WA

Cow Sale April 20th 2023

The 2023 Cow Sale saw a 100% clearance for an Australasian all breeds record female sale average. Edengate Angus WA, paid the top price for a ½ share of all future embryo production only, from Flower N30. She is the Australian record priced mature Angus cow and at $140,000 for ½ share, N30 is the highest valued Angus female in history. 97 Cows & Calves sold to average $34,577. 60 PTIC heifers sold to average $24,367. 13 PTIC mature cows sold to average $21,770. Watch the wrap-up video for the highlights.

Past Sale Reports

Cow Sale October 19th 2017

100% clearance of 234 Lots was achieved and the all breeds national record average price was broken by 61%, at the Millah Murrah stud female sale in 2017. Cows with calves, pregnant cows & heifers sold to an Australasian record price for beef females of $190,000 (see the video) to average $13, 709. The sale gross of $3.208M, was the highest single vendor taking in Australian beef history. Watch the cow sale video for highlights.

Cow Sale April 24th 2013

100% clearance was achieved and an all breeds Australian record average price was set, at the Millah Murrah Stud female sale on April 24th.

In summary, 61 cows & calves sold to a top of $28,000 to average $8943, while 51 dry cows sold to $24,000 to average $6784.

The combined average of the 112 Lots was $7960.

Watch the sale video for highlights and read The Land report available here.

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