Keith Murdoch Presentation

Following is a transcript of the presentation by Keith Murdoch to the NSW State Committee of Angus Australia in July 2018.

Keith & his wife Kathy operated Sparta Angus on the Monaro. During the 80’s and early 1990’s, Sparta was indisputably one of, and arguably THE leading Angus Stud in Australia. They held the National record average for an Angus bull sale amid a myriad achievements.

Keith was an early inspiration in my cattle breeding career. As a child and young adult I attended many Sparta sales with Mum and Dad. Sparta Transistor had a strong impact on the developing Millah Murrah herd, among other Sparta prefix sires that we used. Sparta was a pivotal part of the legendary Monaro bull sales circuit, with their twilight, 4pm kick-offs and often 4am post sale knock offs. It all seems so fresh in my mind.

Time has passed though. With the liberation of no longer being in the Stud game, Keith offers some wonderful insights in the pages that follow. I disagree with precious few of Keith’s views 30 years since his heyday…Agree, or disagree, it is good food for thought. Enjoy…