Millah Murrah Bulls

2021 reference sire: MM Paratrooper P15

2021 reference sire: Spickler Chisum 255

2021 reference sire: MM Marlon Brando M304

2021 reference sire: MM Milestone M308

2021 reference sire: MM Nectar N334

2021 reference sire: MM Nugget N266

2021 reference sire: Spickler Powerpoint

Our next bull sale will be on September 2nd 2021.

There will be a 50% year on year increase in the number of bulls offered, with 120 presented for sale.

The headline group are the 1st sons from the $160,000 Australian record priced Angus bull Paratrooper P15. Other feature sire groups will come from the $54,000 all breeds record priced yearling bull, Nugget N266 & the $40,000 contracted AI sires Marlon Brando M304 & Nectar N334. They will be joined by the 1st sons of MM Milestone M308 & Landfall Nobleman N106 as well as sons from the Spickler Ranch (USA) sires Chisum & Powerpoint and the perennial Millah Murrah favourites Klooney, Kruse Time & Loch Up.

2020 Bull Sale Preview

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