Millah Murrah Bulls

Rocket Man R38 - $280,000 Australian record priced Angus bull.

Rembrandt R48 - $240,000 2nd highest priced Australian Angus bull ever.

Rolls Royce R275 at 10 months - $110,000 highest priced yearling bull of any breed.

Paratrooper P15 - $160,000 former record priced bull & 2019 sale topper.

Quixote Q96 - $60,000 2020 sale topper.

Kingdom K35: $150,000 former record priced Angus bull and 2015 sale topper.

Klooney K42: $80,000 2nd high selling bull in 2015.

Our next bull sale will be on September 1st 2022.

Star of the 2021 sale, Paratrooper P15 will be the feature sire group again, with 50 sons to sell.

Other major sire lines will come from Nugget N266, Nectar N334, Baldridge Command, Landfall Nobleman and Spickler Powerpoint.

Two exciting new sire groups will come from MM Quixote Q96 and MM Quartz Q29. Quixote was the $60,000 sale topper from the then record averaging 2020 bull sale. He is a Spickler Chisum son from the superb Klooney daughter Brenda N8. Quartz is a Kruse Time K400 son from the much-admired Klooney cow Flower N30. He sold for $42,000 at our 2020 sale to Innesdale Angus, with rave reviews on the calves across Australia.

We have had amazing success over the years with strategic retrospective genetic selections (witness Hingaia 469 – sire of Kingdom and Booroomooka Theo – sire of Klooney). In this vein, the 2022 sale will see a large line from the 1999 born bull, Te Mania Ulong 41 presented for competition. Ulong was a dominant force in the Australian herd at the turn of the century. With a performance data set that remains very relevant today, Ulong has clicked superbly with some of our modern maternal lines: Klooney, Kingdom, Ascot Hallmark, and Coonamble Hector.

We can’t promise the fireworks of the 2021 sale when every star aligned to create such an extraordinary day. But we can promise an outstanding array of bulls geared to fill the all-round role demanded of Angus in today’s beef world.

2021 – Bull Sale Preview

2020 Bull Sale Preview

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