Kruse Time K400

Millah Murrah Kruse Time K400’s phenotype is a reminder of all that is great about the Angus breed. He displays incredible fleshing and doing ease with extreme agility for a bull of such capacity. Structurally he is flawless.

Kruse Time carries a superb maternal pedigree with cow making legends: Hingaia 469, Crusader of Stern and Right Time 24J stacked high up in the pedigree.

Watch the VideoK400’s genomically derived EBV set is favourable compared to pedigree expectations. Combined with progeny data, his growth curve is trending in encouraging fashion.

Kruse Time’s first sons set the sale ring alight at Millah Murrah in spring 2018. Eight of his sons sold to the 2nd high price of $50,000 to average $19,000.

Phenotypically an ideal complementary mating for females by Regent, Gatsby, Emperor, Hallmark, Equator & Elevator, K400 has wide application for breeders focused on the maternal side of the Angus equation.

Kruse Time presents as a genuine contender for heir to the great maternal sires of the breed.

Kruse Time K400

Kruse Time K400 at 27 months


Kruse Time Structural Scores: Age 46 months
Front feet claw set: 6 (strong 6)
Hind feet claw set: 5
Front feet angle: 5
Rear feet angle: 5
Rear leg side view: 5
Rear leg hind view: 5
Muscle score: B
Fat score: 3
Capacity: 5
Sheath/Navel: 4 (tight 4)
Assessor: Ian Moreland (12/7/18)

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