Klooney K42

Millah Murrah Klooney K42 sold for $80,000 at Millah Murrah in 2015. He is the first calf of Prue H4, who many consider to be the best Emperor daughter to surface.

Klooney is receiving rave comment from breeders across the country for his ability to transmit exceptional structure and phenotypic excellence to his offspring.

In Spring 2017, the first nine Klooney sons sold at Millah Murrah, to a $50,000 industry record yearling price and an average exceeding $20,000.

In 2018, wherever Klooney bulls have sold, they have either topped the sale, or been among the high selling sire groups. Any doubts about the small sample size of the Klooney sons at the 2017 Millah Murrah sale were dispelled when 24 of them sold to average $17,500 in September 2018. Two of his sons fetched $40,000 or more.

Combined with the $50,000 son from 2017, Klooney is the first Angus sire in Australia with three sons at $40,000 or more to his credit.

Early reports on the Klooney daughters in production are equally glowing. Glenmorgan Angus reported 57/58 born unassisted, with the exception being a genuine breach. Their udder quality and fleshing are excellent.

Repeat semen sales on Klooney are outstanding. He is destined to stand alongside the greats of the breed.

Klooney K42

Klooney aged 18 months


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