Nectar N334

2018 summary:
Nectar was the youngest bull of the 2018 Millah Murrah sale that set the $15,850, 2nd highest sale average ever for the Angus breed. At $40,000, Nectar was one of five bulls to attain this mark or more, selling to Chris Paterson’s Heart Angus Stud.

Assessed by Ian Moreland, Nectar achieved straight 5’s for feet and leg structure, C+ muscle score, fat score 3, capacity score of 5 and 4 for sheath and navel.

In 2017, Nectar’s full brother, Hector M153, fetched $40,000 to Alexander Downs as the 2nd highest selling animal of the sale, despite being the youngest of more than 60 bulls in the long yearling section.

Nectar carries one of the more extraordinary pedigrees in the breed based on the performance of his relatives. His dam was the first cow in the breed with three sons to sell for $40,000 or more. His aunt (dam’s full sister), was the record priced mature cow of the Angus breed, selling for $54,000 to East West Angus in 2017. His grand dam, Prue C48 had sons and daughters aside from H112 & H113 that sold for $15,000 or more on several occasions.

With genuine genetic diversity, a pedigree beyond comparison, a balanced and versatile data set, perfect structure, and a phenotype to die for, Nectar is the Hector son the breed has been looking for.

2021 update:
Nectar sons enjoyed fabulous demand during the Spring 2021 bull season, including at Heart Angus, where they set a new stud sale average bench mark of $15,913 with Nectar sons achieving the highest sire average price of $19,990.

Two sons have been earmarked for use at Millah Murrah NMMR53 & NMMR74, each of which fetched $36,000 at our 2021 sale.

Nectar N334
Nectar N334 aged 12 months, the day after selling