Marlon Brando M304

Marlon Brando M304 comes right from the heart of the Millah Murrah programme. He is by the $80,000 Klooney and from the dam of the $150,000 Kingdom, Flower G41. He is one of three sons from G41 currently contracted to ABS.

Boasting superior structural scores and movie star looks, Marlon Brando is rated as one of the most exciting sires to come from the Millah Murrah programme.

He carries obvious pedigree depth, combined with a beautiful phenotype, exquisite structure and very strong data, especially for carcase traits.

Marlon Brando moves beautifully across the paddock, with flawless clean lines and beautiful neck extension. He is a super stylish animal, a genuine all-round option with blanket mating potential for stud or commercial programmes. Expect awesome replacement females to come from this superb young sire.

Marlon Brando M304
Marlon Brando at 22 months


Marlon Brando Structural Scores : Age 22 months
Front feet claw set: 6 (strong 6)
Hind feet claw set: 5
Front feet angle: 5
Rear feet angle: 5
Rear leg side view: 5
Rear leg hind view: 5
Muscle score: C+
Fat score: 3
Capacity: 5
Sheath/Navel: 5
Assessor: Ian Moreland (12/7/18)

BILL CORNELL phone: 0428 293 498 email:

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